Examples of eligible costs

Financial support, without being limited to it, may be requested for:


Design of promotional support (brochures, CD-Roms…)

The design of quality promotional materials, implemented by third-party service providers and intended for prospecting of export markets, may be granted official support up to 50% with a ceiling of EUR 10,000 per company.


Translation of promotional support

Are eligible up to 50% with a ceiling of EUR 10,000 per company, translations in all languages except for French and German.


Trade fairs, specialized shows abroad, seminars and conferences

The annual ceiling for co-financing of participation in trade fairs and specialized shows is limited to EUR 40,000 per company.


The eligible costs are divided into two broad categories, namely the site rental costs and the booth development expenses (design aspect):


site rental costs:

expenses spent on the lease area including those automatically charged by the organizers (e.g gross price of the rented space, registration for the official catalogue of the exhibition).


booth development expenses (design aspect):

infrastructure costs of the stand, the basic techniques connections (connection to water and electricity), the expenses associated with transportation of material exposure. Regarding the acquisition costs or rental of multimedia equipment, the COPEL intervention is limited to EUR 1,000 per event. Participation in on-site promotional costs is limited to expenses of the design of brochures / posters for the purpose of the event.


The support of the COPEL for the site rental costs is limited to:

  • 50% for the first 3 participations

  • 25% starting from the 4th participation

  • 10% starting from the 11th participation

  • No support of the COPEL after the 20th participation


Financial support for maximum 50% of the registration fees for 2 representatives may be granted to Luxembourg companies taking part in seminars and conferences with a direct and irrefutable link to the promotion of foreign trade.


Advertising costs 

Following expenses may be co-financed up to 25% with a ceiling of EUR 10,000 per company:

  • Advertising costs for guides, magazines, catalogues, CD-ROMs and websites of a professional and international nature

  • Application fees for specialized websites as well as for advertising mailings

  • Costs for the creation of commercials.


Consultancy services, etc.

Consultancy services (legal, fiscal, marketing, etc.) provided by third parties are eligible up to a maximum of 50% of incurred expenses with an annual ceiling of EUR 10,000 per company, provided those services are required for the launch of a new product or service, or of an existing product on a new market.


Opening of representation offices outside the EU

The opening of representation offices outside the EU in order to develop market positions. It must be a branch where the concerned companies will be able to explore more easily the targeted market(s). The market(s) in question must be new.



SME with a workforce in Luxembourg between 10 and 100 employees.


Eligible costs :

  • Salary of local employees (secretary or assistant),

  • Office rent,

  • Rental charges,

  • Rental of furniture and equipment,

  • Supplies (stationery, telecommunications, etc..)

  • Legal assistance.



  • The operation costs of the first year only are be taken into account.

  • Max. 50% with a ceiling of EUR 32.500 per company.

Refund based on the following documents :

  • Invoices and supporting documents relating to the operation of the office, collected by type of cost allowed, numbered and accompanied by a summary table

  • Report of activities of the office.


International call for tenders from non-EU countries

Any individual or collective initiative for participation in international call for tender from outside the EU may be subject to a refundable advance.



The market(s) in question must be new and each individual market shall not exceed 25% of the company’s annual turnover.


Eligible costs :

  • Travel expenses and accommodation costs of the concerned country,

  • Fees of internal or external studies provided that these studies have a direct link with participation in the concerned request for proposal,

  • Fees of purchase of the tender specifications.



  • maximum 2 per year,

  • action level: 50% of expenses incurred with a ceiling of EUR 32.500


Payment of the refundable advance on the basis of the following documents:

  • Proof of submission of the offer,

  • Supporting documents for expenses actually accepted (invoices and proof of payment.

  • If the studies were conducted within the company, they must have been kept under detailed benefits and payroll records of the concerned expert, accompanied by a summary table.


Reimbursement of the refundable advance:

  • The company must publish the results of the market attribution within 30 days from the date of appointment of the successful tenderer,

  • In case of market attribution: total reimbursement of the refundable advance.

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